High Water Tables and Well Contamination.

With the spring runoff and high water we often see a greater rate of contamination in wells. Water Technologies Laboratory can help. We analyze well water samples for coliform bacteria and E. coli. and we have sample bottles available for you to either drop off or mail to our Certified Water Lab. If you prefer, one of our certified Water Operators from Crisp Water Technologies, Inc. can draw a sample for you and also inspect your well for any deficiencies.


Crisp Water Technologies, Inc. is located in Missoula Montana USA. We are Montana State Department of Environmental Quality certified water operators and have been in the "Water" industry in Western Montana for 30 years! We specialize in water testing & treatment and water system operations and maintenance. We have a certified water testing lab called Water Technologies Laboratory and we wholesale water filters, softeners, and ultraviolet light disinfection systems.

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