Crisp Water Technologies, Inc. is located at 1709 South Ave. West in Missoula, Montana.

We offer a variety of services.

  • Water Testing                                             * Water softeners
  • Water Treatment                                       * Iron filters
  • Certified Water Operators                       * UV systems (ultraviolet light)
  • Well Disinfection                                       * Arsenic removal
  • Well Cap Replacements                            * Drinking water systems – R O

Call us: 406-549-8868

Email: water@montana.com

The Crisp Water Professional Staff

Ken Crisp / President & General Manager Certified Water Specialist / Laboratory Technician

Giselle / Office Staff / Laboratory Technician

Harrison / Certified Water Operator

The professional staff at Crisp Water Technologies, Inc. & Water Technologies Laboratory are dedicated to the highest of standards through their vast knowledge of water testing and treatment. They are a local family owned company started by Ken Crisp in 1992. Since then Crisp Water has been the company to go to for any problem water issues through their high tech diagnosis and proper treatment equipment and techniques. They work closely with County, State and Federal regulatory agencies and have built a reputation of being the most knowledgeable people in the water industry.

Give us a call if you have any questions about your water. 406-549-8868